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The amounts drawn and outstanding under the purchase agreement together with commission and other sums payable with respect to this agreement are due and re-payable strictly on demand upon an event of default. However, without prejudice to the sellers right to demand payment at any time upon an event of default, it is agreed that: The equipment shall be paid at monthly instalments of Kshs…………… per month inclusive of commissions for a maximum period ……….. months from the date of agreement. The equipment shall be paid at daily instalments of Kshs…………..per day inclusive of commissions for a maximum period ……….. days from the date of agreement



Upon execution of the sale agreement and before the delivery of the proposed equipment the customer shall pay a deposit of Ksh…………………the deposit being a part of the total cost of the equipment purchased. Deposit paid shall no be refundable.



Failure by the CUSTOMER to make any repayment of principal or payment of interest or other moneys in respect of the purchase on its due date; or A breach in the performance of any other term and condition of the purchase or any covenant by the Borrower or any term and condition of any of the Security or any other security held by the seller for the purchase. Any indebtedness of the customer becoming immediately due or payable or capable of being in default, or the customer failing to discharge any indebtedness on its due date; or

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Benefits of Better FarmTech
in the current industry


Reduction Of Dependency on farm workers

Farming technology e.g use of miliking machine reduces dependency on farm workers


Quality Products

e.g milk quality is best when miliking machines are used


Reduction of stress

e.g milk8ing machine reduces stress throughought the lactation period by creating goo milking routines

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